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I just want to take a minute and thank Mel for her incredible work! She has been a major catalyst for positive change in my life. Her coaching and presence had the perfect balance of spirituality and tangibility that I needed to push through to a higher level of being.


Now I can take the support Mel gave me and apply it throughout the rest of my life. During our sessions my dreams transformed from abstract ideas to achievable goals. I would definitely recommend anyone ready to take charge and step into their Sovereignty in their personal or professional life, but want to stay rooted in spirit to connect with Mel! Thank you!

Jess Sparks | Ethwyn Earthchild

I recently completed a 12 week coaching series with Mel and I can honestly say she is AMAZING.  Mel’s nurturing nature meant that we developed a strong connection from the start and through every session I felt loved, uplifted, encouraged and that I could be my true self with her.


Mel believed in me 100% and supported me to achieve my goal of connecting to my heart and intuition, something that I had previously struggled to do as I tend to focus on being busy, being caught up in my head and getting things done. Mel helped me to understand that this goal wasn’t something I could just tick of my to-do list, that I needed to slow-down and do things that worked for me.


Mel is an exceptional coach, she is genuine and a nourishing, nurturing energy exudes from her. I really cherished the time we had working together!

Andrea Westbrook | Andrea Westbrook Coaching

I want to say a huge, heartfelt thank you to Mel for taking me on as one of her clients. I started my journey not really knowing what to expect. Just knowing I was in a place where I was struggling to get my voice heard in most aspects of my life, and desperate to share my medicine with the world. 

Mel has helped me focus and sharpen the vision for my business and expand it in a way that really nourishes my soul. 

Mel’s coaching has also taught me the value of structure and discipline, and I’ve developed toolkit for moving forward and continuing with this, beyond our coaching sessions.

I've stepped out of my comfort zone may times during our sessions Her support, guidance and advice had been invaluable for my metamorphosis.

Mel is exceptionally warm and grounded and clearly has an incredible knack for bringing out the best in people. Her coaching has truly had a profound, positive impact on my life. I’m forever grateful.

Lauren Sime | When Venus Rises

In our short time together, Mel was enthusiastic and vibrant and she has such a nurturing approach to coaching. She is empathetic, understanding and is very clear with directions and advice.


Mel's guidance to assist me in achieving my goals was beyond that of a job but definitely in line with a true calling. I felt completely comfortable and encouraged to work on myself and towards my goals which are still in the front of my mind to continue with. Being an accountable individual helps those around us benefit from taking those steps within ourselves and Mel demonstrated this throughout our journey.


I highly recommend Mel as a guide, if you want someone to help you take those steps and assist you to align your goals within yourself Mel is the person for you. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to work with Mel and the guidance she compassionately gives. She has a pure passion for helping people and is a natural.

Summa Naylor | Roar With Roar