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Everything is right inside of you​





Work on Self Sovereignty is work around extracting yourself from seeking outside validation. It is a reclaiming of your truest, most authentic self in this moment, in all your beauty and complexity,

and reclaiming trust in your intuition and non-ordinary guidance, being a leader in your own life.

Giving your power and voice away can look like poor boundaries, people pleasing,

lack of self worth or self love, and self trust.

It can feel like you are being swept away with the tide, that life is happening to you, rather than for you. It can feel like indecision, procrastination, and fear of judgement, and disconnection.

The road to self sovereignty begins when you feel ready to take responsibility for yourself and your energy, and in making decisions with discernment, in full trust and confidence,

even when you are not following the herd.

Especially when you are not following the herd!

It is pretty incredible when we realise that repeating problematic issues, behaviours and thought patterns, come down to being sovereign to your self, because self-sovereignty is inherently connected with self-worth, self-love, self-compassion and self-forgiveness.

Reconnect your tender heart with your inner fire

Reclaim what was yours all along

Step forward in your fullness and in doing so shine the way for others

My approach

I'm all about sovereignty, so you need to be ready to take responsibility for your own unfurling.


I offer deep listening, gentle guidance and reflections from nature, but most importantly I hold a safe container for you to work on your own self-actualisation and integration.


I am aware and honour that you have made the decision (yes!) to invest in yourself, so in the kindest way I will be holding you accountable during the 12 weeks we work together.


My guidance comes from a place that recognises diverse ways of being and is informed from experience, direct revelation,

formal and wild study, spirit and intuitive guidance.

Note: NOTHING can compare to the wisdom and truth we will find deep within your very being.

We start every session with intention setting to connect deeply to our hearts wisdom and any spirits who wish to guide us, and in doing so we make sure we are aligned with the work we will be doing together. 


Over 3 months you will receive


Fill out a pre-coaching questionnaire which will ask you to dig a little deep into where you are at and where you want to be.


Ongoing email and What's App support throughout our time together. These are for check-ins, resources, questions, and for your to share your A-ha! moments!


We meet each other over a 20 minute consultation call and a cup of tea, so we can get to know each other and see if we're a good match!


A recorded heart-connection meditation to do before our sessions to connect deeply with yourself, and to be fully present and open for insights and clarity.


6x one-on-one coaching sessions where we work together through your visions and goals, connecting with your own wisdom.


A celebration gift delivered to your door after your final coaching session, because after 3 months of coaching you will be in a new place and you deserve it!


  Investment $1110 

 (price is in Australian dollars, 3 month payment plan of $370 x 3 is also available)



 Reparation Rate $888

(Available for marginalised indigenous folk globally) 

 (price is in Australian dollars, 3 month payment plan of $296 x 3 is also available)

NOTE: No one is penalised for being unable to pay the full amount up-front.

All cost is the same regardless of whether you choose a plan or not.


Magic & Mystery Collection Butterfly_GOL

I want to say a huge, heartfelt thank you to Mel for taking me on as one of her clients. I started my journey not really knowing what to expect. Just knowing I was in a place where I was struggling to get my voice heard in most aspects of my life, and desperate to share my medicine with the world.


Mel has helped me focus and sharpen the vision for myself and expand it in a way that really nourishes my soul, and I’ve developed a toolkit for moving forward and continuing with this, beyond our coaching sessions.

I've stepped out of my comfort zone may times during our sessions. Her support, guidance and advice had been invaluable for my metamorphosis.

Lauren Sime