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Reciprocity: it's in our nature

Moving into natural systems

We humans have come a long way. And it continues - we are far from the pinnacle of our evolution yet we behave as though "this is it, baby! We have arrived!"

Our natural environment says otherwise.

It is imperative, in an effort to maintain our humanity, to think deeply about the systems in place, and how we can translate the organic systems in nature into our society. And yes, our society starts at home!

Nature is cyclical. There are no two ways about it. So let's think about our actions and what we get/take from nature, and how we give back.

To break it down, let's make it easier and deepen into the 4 basic states of human experience: intellectual / emotional / physical / spiritual.

What does it give us?

- Relieves anxiety and calms the nervous system (science).

- Gives us oxygen to breathe. Food to eat. Water to drink.

- Gives us the means to cultivate these things: healthy soil, sunlight, rain.

- Emotional wellbeing (science)


 I acknowledge and pay my respect to the traditional custodians of this land, past, present, and future. I work on Jali land in the Bundjalung Nation and

acknowledge this land was never ceded. I acknowledge all lineage as custodians of this planet, for those who have forgotten and those who remember. 

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