Learning From Our Emotions

Emotions are a door to a deeper understanding of ourselves and our place in the world

EMOTIONS - from an animist perspective - have spirit medicine that offers us opportunities for self-realisation and growth. When we label emotions as good or bad, we are mostly reacting to how comfortable or uncomfortable the emotion feels, rather than recognising the value inherent in each one. It’s how we listen and work with emotions that gives the them the meaning we attach to it.

This is why being emotionally literate is important.

Emotions are doors to a deeper understanding of ourselves, our wounds, and our potential for change and expansion, and show how we must act (or not) to move forward in our lives.

It can be very easy to get overwhelmed and swept up in emotions and respond to them as though they are a set, unchanging reality. Being overwhelmed by emotions isn’t emotional literacy - emotions need space and regulation before we can ask what they have to tell us. When we understand the transience of feeling an emotion, we can learn to become the observer and we watch feelings pass like clouds. We can then get curious about the emotion. It makes it easier to listen when we can hold space for them in this way. Notice that yes - the feelings are transient, but uncomfortable emotions will sit in the body if they are ignored or not addressed in a constructive way.

When we practice and learn to breathe into an emotion, we can constructively work with that energy, so that anger (for example) is not misplaced, and is not used as a weapon, rather a force for change. Anger is one of my favourite emotions because it is misrepresented and misunderstood so thoroughly in our society, and has had much negative meaning attached to it. (Also, in my sweeping opinion to the very nuanced subject of gendered power, anger is one of the key emotions that has been stripped from women’s emotional palette in a bid for control and compliance.)

On a personal note, as a highly sensitive and empathic person, one of my previous trauma triggers was that I was often labelled as "too emotional" (even better "irrationally emotional"), usually by the people I held closest to my heart. This is one of the more destructive reaction patterns stemming from patriarchal systems - the dismissal of emotional wisdom and intelligence.

There is no such thing as "too emotional"* There is no such thing as singularly being"an emotional person". We are all emotional. We all are experiencing emotions regardless of whether we are conscious of them or not. How we feel them, recognise them, express them, work with them, or ignore them is a result of our social conditioning - and is where the answers may lie as to why things have transpired the way they have in our society right now.

Work on deepening our intuition is congruent with emotion work, as the present is where intuition lives, and where emotions can be heard. When we listen deeply in the moment, sometimes a kind of purging can happen from the past unexpressed, unheard emotions stored in our bodies. Some of you may have experienced a release of crying - for seemingly no reason - while having work done by skilled energy workers - who can only do their work if they are fully present to their intuition. Many energy workers have the ability to listen for you to allow for that release, to create a space for healing. However, if we are not emotionally literate the pattern will repeat itself.

So if you would like to work on deepening your intuition, emotional work will very likely be some of the related aspects you will go through as well.

This is all part of the wondrous mystery that is our unlearning and unravelling, to sit into the core of who we are and who we are to become. It will continue to unfold until this life is done, and that's a beautiful thing!

* (as someone familiar with bipolar ways of being, this is not what this post is about - that is a different discussion)!

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Melanie is a Self Sovereignty coach and guide who works with women wanting to reclaim themselves through Ancestral Ways, Intuitive Wisdom, and Nature Kinship. Melanie's own journey through these three medicine pillars has resulted in fundamental shifts in perspective, of letting go of old stories, discovering her power source, a deep feeling of belonging and self-worth and a new way of being.

Title image: Melanie Tongmar