Animal Guide: Seahorse

Connecting with animal guides physically and intuitively for guidance

Seahorse Energy Traits

  • Sensitive

  • Intimate

  • Elusive

  • Mysterious

  • Tenacious

  • Charming

  • Quietly rebellious, defy convention

  • Quietly showy

  • Heart and head well aligned

  • Focused

  • Flow

  • Nicely balanced masculine and feminine energies

  • Overall patience and faith in life

  • Extremely observant.

  • Bouts of insecurity.

  • Potential codependency in relationships (serial monogamy)

  • Lucky - has faith in the universe.

  • People who feel connected to the Seahorse may have had to have been independent from a young age, or carry responsibilities from a young age.


When Seahorse appears it's an invitation to honour different season that you're in. Lean into whatever you are doing or feeling without guilt: know that when the time is right balance will be restored naturally, no need to force anything.

It's ok to have several incarnations in one lifetime - several iterations of yourself. We are multifaceted and complicated beings, with many nuances to our personalities and character.

Mind / body / heart connection practices - that could be so many different things for different people: dancing, yoga, tai chi, qi gong, try dancing and playing in the water!

Pay attention to dreams, dreamwork (Poseidon / Neptune), write poetry, freewriting (writing whatever randomly comes to mind in a brain dump), paint, anything that can express abstract thought or the subconscious.

NOTE: Sea Dragon energy is similar to Seahorse, though Sea Dragons tend to be more physically focused, and direct in nature. It may be an invitation to be a little more direct in your communication.

Would you like to REWILD your life?

If you feel the call to rewild your life or to move into a more sovereign and ecocentric way of being and would like coaching and guidance while you recover your wild senses, I would love to be a part of your coming-into-being, and walk alongside you! Email me for an obligation-free, no expectation, no hard-sell, honest conversation of where you are, what you want for your life and how we can bring that into being in a holistic, ethical and inclusive way.

*Note: I acknowledge that I have the privilege of place and resources to rewild and heal my relationship with my natural self. However, ultimately there are infinite ways we can begin to rewild ourselves, no matter our race, gender, finances, location or education. If you have a body, and a mind, you can plant seeds to your own rewilding.

Melanie is a sovereignty and mindfulness coach and facilitator, a nature therapist, writer and educator. She is dedicated to the rewilding and remembering of ancestral ways for women to create fundamental and sustainable changes in their lives, and in our world.

Title image: Melanie Tongmar