Here is the basic process, which will look a little different depending on what type of ceremony you want to create.

A phone conversation.

We go over what you would like, and what is appropriate. This is where I reiterate that I am not a party planner! I discover a ceremony, and this will incorporate your energy and spirit with what is given to me by spirit. The ceremonies have a basic framework but are detailed in their crafting towards you. I may ask you a bit about your ancestry and your relationship, or why you want a Sacred Ceremony. We will get down to the juice.

I get guidance and plan

on what is appropriate for you. If it is a land or home ceremony I may need to visit prior to make myself known to the spirits there, so I can ask them what they need. I contact you with a Sacred Ceremony structure and we go over it, any parts you would like to add, or that don't resonate and you would like removed.

I do the practical things:

collect the items you will need and craft the words needed for the ceremony. I will have most of the items, and write the ceremonial words, but some things will need to be collected by your hand. This will have been discussed prior.

All paperwork is readied.

Any paperwork (naming registration or marriage certificates etc) will be made ready for signing. For more in-depth ceremonies a final revision check will be made.

I arrive

30mins to 1 hour before Ceremony takes place to arrange the ceremonial space. Everything I use for ceremony has a purpose. This is not about fluffly decoration.

Cake and ceremonial tea can be arranged after ceremony. And only the best will do!


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 I acknowledge and pay my respect to the traditional custodians of this land, past, present, and future. I work on Jali land in the Bundjalung Nation and

acknowledge this land was never ceded. I acknowledge all lineage as custodians of this planet, for those who have forgotten and those who remember. 

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