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A two hour, one-on-one intensive to  examine and recover your values and guiding principles, and reset your navigation.

CHRYSALIS is a sacred container where we get to talk about you and flesh out what is important in your life. Together we recover your five main values or guiding principles and we look at different areas in your life where you may need to pivot into alignment.


Here is a safe, non-judgmental space where we look at:

∞ Where you have been in the past year

∞ Where you are now

∞ Where you are going

You may just find - not unlike what happens to a caterpillar in a cocoon - that a dissolving of self is necessary as we take an in depth look at how we actually behave, where our decision-making process comes from, and what our values may actually be! And sometimes the process can be a bit scary as we face the changes we know we need to make, but are too afraid to.

I'll be right here with you!

This is a two-hour one-on-one session via Zoom or in person in a comfy and beautiful forest nook - with nature as your co-therapist (Byron Bay hinterland, Australia)!

CHRYSALIS sessions also include pre- and post-session follow up and resources.

There is a tiered payment system offered for CHRYSALIS because I believe this is a foundational and important exercise in self sovereignty as we reflect on what we have learnt, and envision the future and our own individual legacy.

This is the work that sets the compass for your visions, creating a solid foundation moving foward, building the future you believe in for yourself, your community, and our home planet.

You will receive

Pre Session

Pre consult reflections (questionnaire).


A two hour Zoom session, or in person. We will discuss and break down your 5 most important values and see which areas of your life may need re-alignment.

Post Session

Unlimited What's App support for two weeks. A discounted rate for following coaching sessions for 2021.


Tiered payment

There are three pricing options available. This is to ensure that this foundational work is as accessible as I can currently offer. Please use your most heart-centred judgement in what you can afford so that I may continue to offer more accessible and inclusive rates

for all folk. Rest assured, no matter which tier you choose to afford there will be no preferential treatment or difference in service given.

Option 1: $120

Option 2: $140

Option 3: $160 

 (price is in Australian dollars, payment due upon booking)


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I just want to take a minute and thank Mel for her incredible work! She has been a major catalyst for positive change in my life. Her coaching and presence had the perfect balance of spirituality and tangibility that I needed to push through to a higher level of being.


Now I can take the support Mel gave me and apply it throughout the rest of my life. During our sessions my dreams transformed from abstract ideas to achievable goals. I would definitely recommend anyone ready to take charge and step into their Sovereignty in their personal or professional life, but want to stay rooted in spirit to connect with Mel! Thank you!

Jess Sparks