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First I would like to acknowledge my lineage.

My name is Melanie Tongmar, and I'm so pleased you've joined me here! Because ancestral wisdom and lineage is so important in informing who I am, I'd like to introduce my ancestors first.


My paternal line is Thai (Tai) - indigenous to central Thailand. We are water people, living on river and sea, surrounded by coconut palms and banana trees. We are storytellers and fierce warriors, and I am a continuation of a line of Mo Phi - both my grandfather and great-grandfather were the village shamans. My father gave me the gift of a fiery heart, artistic expression, and of deep philosophical and spiritual contemplation.

My maternal line is Celtic - specifically Briton, Wales and Gaul. A deep love of nature and animals, literature, history and poetry runs deep through my motherline, along with a pioneering and adventurous spirit. My mother gave me the gift of her deep love of nature, of engaged spirituality and social and environmental activism. A true rebel and visionary, my mum taught me to stand up in the face of adversity and injustice. She showed me there is more than one way of being in the world.

My ancestral lineage is reflected deeply in my own way of being in this life.

Extricate yourself from damaging societal and cultural expectations. Work with your deep knowing to step into your power, beauty and magic as a sovereign being.

I've always been (and this was a trauma point when I was a young child) the person people share their true selves with without restraint - however where once it was considered emotional abuse, now I am pretty boss at holding my own boundaries and energy in these enlightening exchanges.

I know what it's like to be a sensitive being in an world that has lost it's sensitivities (and sense!). I have had to manage anxiety and clinical depression for most of my life, and now they are just occasional welcome visitors who offer me moments to adjust and align my life, and advocate for change. Where life once happened to me, it now happens FOR me.

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My core gifts are Compassion and Empathy. Creativity. Relational. Inclusivity. Connecting with the spirit in all things.
I see into other people's hearts. I see their dreams. 

I am deeply empathic, intuitive and clairsentient. I connect with animal energy and guides, ancestral guides, earth spirits, and have a gift for dreamwork. I'm quite grounded and pragmatic in these ways of being (and we all have these aspects to our lives whether they are consciously  known to us or not).

It is my holistic approach to working - mind, body, spirit, emotions AND community - that honours all parts of our being, that all are integrative and important in fundamental shifts in the way we are. I meet you where you are ready to be met. 

 My core values & guiding principles

  • Ecocentrism: I value nature beyond how it can serve me as a resource or a form of entertainment. This is in line with both my animistic beliefs and my value in relationships - the interconnectedness of all life.

  • Sovereignty: your wisdom, your power, your knowledge and your ways of knowing. It is all you.

  • Love: Love as divine compassion, the background music I aim to cultivate in all that I do.

  • Relationships: We do not exist in a vacuum! We exist in interconnected relationships that form the essence of who we are - not just with people, but the earth, the animals, the rocks, the water, the stars...

  • Integrity: by both definitions - I value honesty and ethics, and also wholeness, non-polarity, of honouring and working with both the yin and yang, the light and dark, the fire and the water. 

  • Self Responsibility: No one is here to heal anyone else. We are all responsible for our own healing, our own emotional intelligence, our own energetic management. Your experience begins and ends with you. 

  • Embodiment: wisdom and knowledge embodied in our beings. Integration so that we no longer simply sing a song, we ARE the song.


A few personal bits

I have mostly been my own boss for most of my life. I've had businesses that have bloomed, and ones that crash-dived magnificently. I've taken years to recover from some of these but have learnt invaluable lessons about business, LISTENING to my intuition, and TUNING IN TO something bigger than myself.

I love beautiful things, and am able to find beauty in the most mundane moments and in what we consider undesirable emotions.

I consider myself in service to Gaia. Danu. Pachamama. Mother Earth... she goes by many names. My guiding goddess is the Welsh goddess Ceridwen - Keeper of the Cauldron.

I live in Bundjalung country (Northern NSW Australia) on large reforested acreage, with a creek, wallabies, koalas, echidnas and a zillion different birds. We are on 60% solar power, are now listed as a conservation area (we have an endangered vine growing on the land) and are self-sufficient with a bio-dynamic, permaculture veggie garden, a plethora of tropical fruit trees, chickens, muscovies (like ducks), a dog and horses. Is it heaven? Yes it is... but it takes work!

I love people but I need long solitary moments in between being with them. My idea of heaven is an isolated cabin in the mountains, with a monthly party where I can wear sparkly things and shine!

I came kicking and screaming from the womb. My mother's first thought was "she doesn't want to be here". I knew this was going to be a rough ride, but now - after decades swinging between denial and leaning in, I AM HERE FOR IT. I am here for YOU.


Melanie is a Self Sovereignty Coach for women who want to reclaim their inner authority, deepen their intuition, honour their seasons and take ownership of their medicine and gifts. In her grounded approach, Melanie understands the importance of addressing the body, mind, emotions, spirit and relational aspects for fundamental change.


Her calling stems from a lifetime practice of mindfulness, beauty, earth kinship and Ancestral Ways, allowing Melanie to hold space for women looking to let go of old stories and come home to themselves for a better aligned, more meaningful and magical life.