Your earth bones.
Your star spirit.
Your deep heart. 
Welcome back to yourself.

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I'm Melanie, an intuitive Self Sovereignty coach, guide and facilitator. I'm a beautifully multifaceted, paradoxical, and wonderous creature... JUST LIKE YOU!

It is my deepest love to work with women, just like you, in developing full sovereignty and autonomy from a wounded patriarchal system, through working with Ancestral Ways, deeping intuition, and healing relationship with nature.

When we strengthen our foundation of being Sovereign, we find our power, our inner leader, we commit to goals that are aligned with our soul (not to what we think we want so other people like us!), we honour our boundaries. This is a stepping into leadership in our own lives - and that is a powerful thing!

Andrea Westbrook

Mel is is an exceptional coach, she is genuine and a nourishing, nurturing energy exudes from her. She believed in me 100% and supported me to achieve my goal of connecting to my heart and intuition.

Lauren Sime

Mel is exceptionally warm and grounded and clearly has an incredible knack for bringing out the best in people. Her coaching has truly had a profound, positive impact on my life.

Summa Naylor

Mel is empathetic, understanding and she has such a nurturing approach. She is very clear with directions and advice and I felt completely comfortable and encouraged to work on myself and my goals.

Jess Sparks

Mel has been a major catalyst for positive change in my life. Her coaching and presence has the perfect balance of spirituality and tangibility that I needed to push through to a higher level of being. 

What my clients are saying

What's in a 6-session series?


Pre-coaching questionnaire
Let's see if I'm the right fit for you, with your best interests at heart.

30 minute complementary consult
Ask your questions! Get to know me! Am I the one to walk with you on this part of your journey?

We then begin a 12 week adventure together

Initial consult
1 x 1.5 hour session. Let's get visioning on your dreams, goals and intentions.

The juiciness
5 x 1 hour sessions over 12 weeks where we sit together and work through whatever may be holding you back from expressing your divine self to the world.

Always - because that's what life is about.

The time is now
The world is in its great karmic cycle, an unravelling - socially, politically, economically, culturally and environmentally. It is important that we know ourselves, and start paying full attention to what our intuition, animal instincts, and mystical guidance is telling us. 
Healing the wounded relationship between ourselves and the earth, deepening our intuition, and reconnecting with our ancestral lineage are the three keys I work with in remembering who we are, and what we have to offer as part of our legacy in this time.
I look forward to working with you!


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